Tuesday, November 6, 2007


For the past few days, I was busy preparing for one of the important projects for my Company. I spent lots of time in doing this especially since I need to ensure everything is right.

Considering the last minute arrangement that I need to work-out, I must ensure everything is smooth as planned.

Unfortunately, we didn't get what we wanted and as such I need to consult my big boss for his advise. After looking at all possible angles, we decided to postpone the project until further notice.

Phew!!!....I feel a bit relieved since it will give me more time to prepare and I think the decision made was absolutely brilliant.

So now, I can have a good time and can plan well in advance for my weekend. One thing for sure, I will be glued infront of TV on Friday Nite to watch the Finale of Malaysia Project Runaway.

Honestly, I didn't follow this program from the beginning but towards the end of the series, I managed to convince myself not to miss any episode of it. I am just hoping my fav designer, si Hatta tu akan menangla....sebab for me he is very talented.

So, mintak2 menangla dia...!!

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