Friday, November 30, 2007


Last Monday night, we had the appreciation dinner for our strong supporters. It was an annual event. It was the night where we revealed all the best players in the region. It was the night where my Managing Director, Commercial Director and most of the Management Team gathered , strengthen our relationship and renew our partnership with our partners in the industry.
The event was great and enjoyable. The performance by our own talented jazz band was marvellous. They really good although I am not really into jazz music. But the most interesting part was the second performance where we invited a Drag Queen by the name of Bibik Kepoh and her entourage. It was superb and very entertaining. You knowlah....kalau pondan perform sure very the kelakar one. Check-out the mahutttt!!!
However, on the very next day in the morning, I have to rush to KJ to attend a very important conference. Too bad!!!

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