Friday, November 2, 2007


Last night, few friends ajak gi tengok wayang. Wah....2 days in a row pergi nonton. Movie? Shoot 'em up!!. Location? Mid Valley lagik! I was excited sbb Monica Belucci ada dalam movie ni. Fyi, she also acted in another movie called Irreversible....very artistic dan lain dari yang lain punye movie.

Ceritenye macam cerite hindustan sikit.....terer bebenor le pulak heronye. Ate!....kena tembak 100 kali pun tak pernah lekat peluru tu kat dia. Whereas, he killed hundres of people. Fyi, I am from Perak and that's how typical Perakian bercakap. Occayyyyy!!!!

Anyway, it was entertaining.....I would give 3/5........bolehlah!!!

After the movie, we all stay kat Coffee Bean. I decided to have the apple crumble. The taste was really really awesome and love it so much. Cuma it was not sejuk le kirenye. We were there till 10.30pm and then we went home separately. I was thinking to write my blog after reached home tapi letih le pulak. So, tido terusla jawapnya!!

So, that's how my life ended for that day till I woke up the next morning!!!

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