Sunday, November 4, 2007

MICASA 2007 Part Deux!

It was 9.30am in the morning when I received this phone call. I was still in bed maklumle sunday morning.

It was actually my sister and she sounds extremely excited. "Di, congrats!! Your house got the second place". What???? You know la I am still in the state of 'mamai'.....and can't realy figure out what did she mean by that. "Check-out the BH today and your name came out", she said. Then I said, "OK!..I will and told her thanks for reminding me. Shortly after that, I continue my nap. So ngantuk la still!!

Around 10.30am I had my breakfast and managed to get a copy of BH. Yes, It was indeed true that I won the second place and the prize is going to be a 29" Flat screen TV. I love that and infact I know where i want to put it.....absolutely in my own bedroom.

For the sake of people who dont know, the pictures that I posted under MICASA @ 2007 are the ones that I submitted to a home design kind of competition organized by one of the popular local newspapers. It was indeed a last minute entry since I was not sure whether should I participate or not. But now, I am glad that my ideas of designing my own home decoration using my own idea has been appreciated.

And now, I can't wait for what's going to happen next!!!


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Welcome to Nuffnang Bro.
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montelkarung said...

thanks man