Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today is a Deepavali Day......means another public holiday in Malaysia. All our Indian friends are celebrating this festival with new clothes, new friends, new hope etc.

Deepavali denotes a shift from darkness to light....that's why it is also called as "The Festival of Lights".

Same like any other religious celebrations, the Indian community together with other communities are celebrating it together.

I shall share you this joke. I received this morning a sms from my friend. Do you still remember one of the TV's advertisement about "Burung Murai"? This excellent adv was screened over and over again recently during Hari Raya. To recap, it evolved around a father and his son asking about the "burung murai". What I am going to share with you is the Deepavali's version kind of thing. Let's check this out:-

Anak: Appa! ini binatang apa???
Ayah: Kambing..
Anak: Binatang apa???
Ayah: Kambing nak...
Anak: Binatang apa???
Ayah: Kambing sayang..
Anak: Binatang apa????
Ayah: Kambing lah....( suara dah tinggi..mula marah la nih!!!)
Anak: Binatang apa?
Ayah: Kambingla sayang ( suara rendah sikit tapi masih marah gak nih!!!)
Anak: Binatang apa?
Ayah: Oi! Kambing la pundek!!!!!!!

Hehehehehehehe.........joke aja ok!!! Anyway, enjoy the videos kat bawah ni and Happy Deepavali again from me!!!

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