Thursday, December 27, 2007


Petang esok aku akan ke ERRPD to attend one of the leadership trainings organized by UI2U. I am not really into this type of activity but considering I am trying to venture into a business partnership kind of thing, so I would love to try.

ERRPD is set amidst a rugged 28-acre surroundings with horse trails and live eagles soaring the skies, is the right place for leadership/teambuilding kind of activities. Despite the tight schedule which definitely make me occupied, I will try to find my time to update this blog at the same time.

Now, I need to pack and get ready for tomorrow. Oh by the way, these are the list of 'a must stuff 'that normally will join me when I am away:-

My Ipod - boleh curi2 dengar kalau training tu boring tak hengat
My Camera - boleh ambik gambo-gambo lepas tu post kat sini
My Oakley - boleh melaram.....
My Laptop - boleh update blog nih

Sehingga kita bertemu lagi.......

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