Saturday, December 15, 2007


Day 1

Remember when I said I was preparing for a trip? Yes, I was on my way to Macau actually. I was asked to bring few big partners for a familiarisation trip co-organized by my Company and Macau Tourism Office.

Macau is situated on the South coast of China. It currently houses a numerous population which since the beginning the 80’s has not ceased to increase as a result of the intense immigration arriving from the People's Republic of China. This influx of new residents brings people to the cities in search of better working opportunities and a brighter future for them and their families, many of whom wait patiently in their remote villages in China.

The current population of Macao is estimated at around 450,000 inhabitants, predominantly Chinese (93%) followed by the Portuguese community (5%) and other residents of different origins like Filipino’s and Thai’s.

We arrived at Macau around 12 midnight. Upon immigration clearance, the MGTO HQ staff namely Mr Paul Poon waited for us at the arriving hall. We were then ushered to a coach by Mr Paul & Mr Edmund from Shun Tak Travel Services Limited.

Mr Edmud briefed and showed us Macau at midnight before we were checked-in into Rio Hotel. Everything has been arranged and we just straight away went up to our hotel room.

The Rio Hotel cum casino is a very nice place. The room is huge and our room well equipped with 2 lcd tvs at living and bedroom each one.

My Bedroom

Sofa In My Bedroom

My Living Hall

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